Thursday, September 22, 2011

big cupcake day...

It's been a while since my last post as I have been
away on holiday, it's so good to get away from all the
routine and just relax and enjoy life.

But two days before I left we had our big cupcake day in our town!!
Each year a small group of mothers/women/friends organize
a cupcake party in our botanical garden.
We asked people to bake cupcakes and bring them to us,
and we then sold them and donated the money to
our maternity ward in our local hospital.
This time, like the year before, it was a great day ;-)

Here are some beautiful photos taken by my sister (Agnes),
and my son (Viktor) from that day.

what a nice couple ;-)

we decorated with candles and lots
of pom poms ;-)

a real piece of art don't you think ?

wow, which one do I choose ??

We got hundreds of home baked beauties and we
where so thankful for all of them.

We had live music

and a great atmosphere in the park that day.

Happy girls at the end of a wonderful day.
( We raised more than 3000 euros!! ;)