Tuesday, April 10, 2012

how easy it is...

My Kalklitir/Lime colors are now available,
delivered in a white paper bag!!!
...and here you can see two videos on
how easy it is to mix and use ;)

beautiful colors to select from to use
on your walls, furnitures, etc.

on our walls,
(we used the color san saccaria).

on a chair to make a "patina"
( i.e. to look old and used).

here, a lime-wash was used on old wood
to make it look even older,
(lime-wash is lime color thinned down with water).

hand painted color swatches...

and it's environmentally friendly ;)

delivered in a white paper bag
(in powder form)

Here you can see how easy it is to mix...

and here to use on a wall...

btw. we are working on our new web page in english!!
(it will be ready soon, but until then it is only to be found
in our icelandic language ;)

If you are interested in buying our product,
for your home or shop, you can always contact us
via : audur@glera.is

Thank you for stopping by.