Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White linen pillows...

New crispy white linen pillows with our initials
hand painted on them! I´m still working on
my "new bedroom look" and this is what
came out of last days work. I must say
things have been running rather
slow around here, but
I do love when I get things done!!

A (new) lamp shade also got a make over

(These hand painted boxes, I did
some years ago, fit well in the room now
plus they are great for storing things,
like summer shoe's... ;)

I still have some things to do
before I'm finished, but I
am getting there ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

keep on lighting the candles...

I bought this hanging candle holder just before
Christmas and I decorated it with pine branches
and red ribbon. We used it a lot so I just couldn't
take it down with everything else and put it in
the storage for next time!

instead I re-decorated it using
white feathers and paper flowers

here in Iceland,
there are still a few months until we will start
seeing longer days with spring flowers

so I will keep on lighting the candles

and looking forward to the spring!

thank you for stopping by...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pink & appropriate...

I think it is only appropriate for me to start
the new year with a little blog about a
DIY/pink project.

This time it´s the bedroom...
I felt the room needed to be more
feminine!! .....so what did I do?
I just added a little pink color to the room and
v o i l a !!!


I had bought this statue of Jesus some months ago,
It needed some work, and Jesus got a pink dress!

plus I made him this wooden pedestal
to stand on.

I painted this old console table white, and put up a mirror that I
had made long time ago and bought this nice pink glass
for candles.

Then my mother gave me these old jewelries, they
belonged to my beloved grandmother, I made
this tiny pink pillow for them to sit on.
I will guard them well.

Made new pillows for the bed, some pink ones,
(but still have two big ones to make ;)

This hanger I made, from old wood, simply got
painted white and then sanded to give
it that old, used look.

I think displaying jewelry's and pink summer dresses
is good for me, specially when it's so
dark and snowing outside!

And this old chair got some
white paint & pink cover!

Here you can see what Jesus looked like
when i got it from a flee marked
(I still have Marie to do).

It's made from porcelain, so I painted it with
several layers of gesso (old recipe), and then
it was sanded down again, just to make it
look more like clay or stone, and finally
I painted and sealed it.

p.s. must tell you that my husband did approve
on these pink changes in our bedroom,
and YES, it's definitely better ;)

Happy new year to you all and,