Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White linen pillows...

New crispy white linen pillows with our initials
hand painted on them! I´m still working on
my "new bedroom look" and this is what
came out of last days work. I must say
things have been running rather
slow around here, but
I do love when I get things done!!

A (new) lamp shade also got a make over

(These hand painted boxes, I did
some years ago, fit well in the room now
plus they are great for storing things,
like summer shoe's... ;)

I still have some things to do
before I'm finished, but I
am getting there ;)


  1. there´s that feminine romantic touch you were writing about.and I am thinking royal as well,with the monogrammed pillos.And perfectly suitable right?;)
    Just love everything.So elegant and classy,out of a dream!!!

  2. Nice new things!
    Especially the pillows I like very much!
    have a nice evening!