Sunday, May 29, 2011

just painted...

I love it when the walls have just been painted.
It feels like we have just moved
in to the house again!!
Of course I used my lime paint for the walls, but
I did some changing in the color, and
although I'm still using my favorite color
I used a lighter grey this time.
I redecorated some old things too, and
now it's like we have lots of new stuff! ;)

the table was repainted, and some
handles where added this time...

these wall sconce are in fact the only
new thing I've added,
I do like them a lot...

a marble painted shelf in the kitchen,
I'm happy the way it turned out...

a touch of shabby chic was added to
this old lampshade...

and my chairs got white "summer dresses"...

oh boy, I'm looking forward to
long summer nights now..

Sunday, May 22, 2011

if I had a wish...

It's been snowing here the past few days, so
I decided now was the time to take a trip!
Well of course now there are no airplanes flying
because of all the ash in the air,
(we have volcanic eruption in Iceland, again!)
But if I was going to take a trip this would be
a great place to visit.

Welcome to The Oyster Box hotel in south africa.

this is so romantic...

and beautiful...

Yes please, I love desserts... who doesn't?

the presidential suit is perfect, thank you...

so I'm just saying, if I had a wish
taking a trip to this beautiful place,
(of course with my darling hubbie),
would be fine with me ;)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

table inspiration...

Looking at these inspiring pictures, and
I'm on the lookout for beautiful
colors for my table!!

thank you for stopping by,

sources : selinalake, decorare, castlescrownscottages,
encoreuneminute, bibahome, vintagerosebrocante.