Friday, February 22, 2013


Finally our new web-page is ready!!

and now, both in Icelandic and in English :D

have a nice weekend

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh, boy..

Iv'e already made (in my computer), ton's of pictures and decorative borders!

Just trying some new one out here :))

 S    M    L

my favorite :)


Hope your day is a good one

Monday, February 11, 2013

café au lait..

 Making these decorative bowls all the time now!!

My new "vintage" café au lait bowls
baked in the owen and ready to be used ;)

365+ from Ikea, is what I used for this one!

I'm holding seminars here in Iceland, teaching how to use my 
transfer pictures onto porcelain, (bowls, plate, tea cup etc.) 

Iv'e made six colors of this one, 
(two different colors on each ark (A4) of special transfer paper)

You will be able to buy both transfer pictures ( for your own DIY project ) 
and already decorated items on my Whendecorating web shop, 
 i.e. when the web shop is finally ready and open!!

...but in the mean time, 
you can always send me an email if you are interested

Have a nice week...

Monday, February 4, 2013

bleu, blue, blå...

Just finished doing some make over in my daughters room
and "Antique bleu" was the lime-color she wanted for her
bedroom walls, (it's our new blue color from Kalklitir ;)

Oops!! I forgot to take the "before" pictures this time

I painted this statue with some lime-colors too,
then I used sandpaper to rub it off again, giving it a more old look

all the pink is gone now
but the hand painted mirror with here initials
I made for her few years ago is still there ;)

the girl loves here shoes and nail-polish and clothes and jewelry... 

She's already eighteen years old

years go by too fast!!!