Thursday, May 31, 2012

big old chair...

I bought this big old chair on a flea market, only because it's so 
incredible nice to sit in it (it wasn't the look, believe me ;).

I new it would have to be changed dramatically if I where to bring 
it in to our all grey living room, but the good thing was, that the cover of
the chair was not damaged or torn so the challenge was to some
how change the look of the chair so it would fit in.

so this is what I did ;

It did take some time & work but now we all
love this big old comfortable chair so
much more.

Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

new look...

Hi everybody! 
So glad I finally got around to change the look on my page 
(got a big help from my son ;) 
Hope you like it too. 
I'm working on a new post already ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

not just walls & ceilings...

Over the years I have used my Kalklitir/ lime-colors
on so many things in my house, other
than just walls and ceilings. 

For example...

it's very easy to change a
plain terra cotta flower pot using lime,

and get old & weathered look on 
a brand new basket...

 Here you can see what some 
acid wash & lime does to
new zinc buckets.

and it's always great to be able to change
beautiful candlesticks that have the right
style, but not the right color,
 into something you love.
(these where new & are made of wood)

(but this candleholder is old brass)

I've also changed the look and color of 
of all kinds of furnitures and frames, 
both old & new,

and even used it
in some art work I'm doing ;)

As you can see I love all grey colors, so I use them a lot,
( plus I often give things lime-wash, over the base color
 to get that old and worn look that I like ;)

You can always mix your own beautiful shades of colors,
 f.ex. by adding Ivory to a dark color like Doloriet,
Celadon secco or Winter secco.

Hope it has been inspiring and 
thank you for stopping by...