Tuesday, October 23, 2012

glue & glitter...

I'm using copies from old wallpaper again, but this time 
to decorate old and rather ugly metal trash can, 
(but trying to make it look vintage ;) 
& gluing carrara marble glitter
(martha stewart)on things to use
for christmas decorations,
glue & glitter all over the place now!

thank you for stopping by...

Friday, October 19, 2012

blue is new...

Blue colors against my lime painted (grey) walls!!
I've never used blue like this before in my home so this is something new for me :)

these blue decoupage plates are some of my resent work
(I've been working on some beautiful old wallpaper cuts form about 1800)

So these days I've been redecorating, adding something new
but also moving old things around in my house.
(Will be posting more photos)

Have a nice weekend...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

faux vintage...

I have been doing decoupage for many years, so I'm always
working with a lot of copies from books, old wallpaper cuts, etc...
But now, my son has been teaching me how to work on my photos in 
Adobe Illustrator, and though I still print them out and make them 
"old" by hand, this has opened up new and exciting ways 
to  decorate object's. 
Learning something new is great!!

I can honestly say that I love the shabby/vintage style,
and even though these jars are "faux vintage"
I will enjoy making more of them ;) 

thank you for stopping by...