Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2000 divine cupcakes...

Our third "mömmur og möfffins" party (mothers&cupcakes party)
 took place at our botanical garden on a sunny Saturday the 4th. of August.
 It was a great success and we are so thankful to all the mothers that baked for 
us, for this annual charity event.  We received over 2000 divine cupcakes,
 and they where all sold out in mere 30 minutes!!!!
We where hoping to race at least 5000 euros, and yes, we did!!! 
(we got 5500 euros ;)  
Like the two previous years, the money goes to the maternity ward 
at our local hospital, and this time it will be used to buy a special 
resuscitation table for premature babies.  

this time, me and my two daughters baked 150 cupcakes  :)

and of course we made lots of pom poms...

just look at all the beautiful cupcakes we received...



girls, everywhere...

and all these beautiful girls helped selling the cupcakes,
and we also had life music
and everybody gave their work to support the event...

we also auctioned an oil painting, made by one great artist 
in our group... and that was a lot of fun!!

it was such a perfect day, and hopefully we will continue
to do this for years to come...

smile and have a cupcake... 

and now its off to a Spanish island for our family summer vacation ;)

if you like to see some more photos you can go to our fb page... 
( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mömmur-og-möffins/192265690830898 )
and most of the photos are taken by my sister.. http://blipfoto.com/agnesskula