Monday, January 28, 2013

on a gray day...

Hi every one, 
simply checking in with few photos.
The weather has been really bad here the last days, 
very strong wind and some rain.
Just perfect to spend the days sitting in a cosy chair 
doing some embroidery...

We did some changes in the spare room this weekend,
and used our lime paint on the walls ;)
I mixed up some grey and blue leftovers that I had,
 and this is what came out of it...

Enjoy the week everyone...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

we can do it...

Ever since I started producing my lime paint a few years ago, my dream was
 that I would be able to sell lime paint (to women;) 
in powder form in a good looking white paper bag!!!  
It's environmental friendly, no water is transferred between countries, 
it´s easy to mix with tap water at home when you are ready to use it and 
you get the best quality lime paint when it is freshly made. 
(just like a newly baked cake! ) 

But most importantly to have the lime and the color mixed together in 
just one bag!!!
 Well, we have found a way to do just that, so finally...
We can do it!!


you can stir the content of a hole bag at once and get 2 liters of limepaint, 
or just one cup all depending on what you need..


 all samples are hand painted...

in 2013 we offer 13 beautiful colors..

each bag of one kilo will give
you 2 liters of lime paint..

27 bags in each box...

What a great way to start the new year...

I think it's time to celebrate :D

p.s. our new homepage in english is almost ready!!