Tuesday, January 8, 2013

we can do it...

Ever since I started producing my lime paint a few years ago, my dream was
 that I would be able to sell lime paint (to women;) 
in powder form in a good looking white paper bag!!!  
It's environmental friendly, no water is transferred between countries, 
it´s easy to mix with tap water at home when you are ready to use it and 
you get the best quality lime paint when it is freshly made. 
(just like a newly baked cake! ) 

But most importantly to have the lime and the color mixed together in 
just one bag!!!
 Well, we have found a way to do just that, so finally...
We can do it!!


you can stir the content of a hole bag at once and get 2 liters of limepaint, 
or just one cup all depending on what you need..


 all samples are hand painted...

in 2013 we offer 13 beautiful colors..

each bag of one kilo will give
you 2 liters of lime paint..

27 bags in each box...

What a great way to start the new year...

I think it's time to celebrate :D

p.s. our new homepage in english is almost ready!!


  1. You have an excellent sense for colours. They look wonderful and I'm very curious about them. If I want to paint a wall, how sustainable is the paint and is it best to paint on wallpaper? I would guess that the paint need a surface that sucks upp the water easily.

  2. Hi linnea-maria
    Thank you for your interest in my lime-paint.
    You can use my lime-paint directly on to a wall that is already painted with water based paint (acrylic/latex etc.) and it will adhere well :)
    You only need acrylic primer (before using the lime-paint) if you have oily/greased or glossi under coat or repaired walls using repair products (spackling compounds etc.).
    best regards,

  3. Hi Audur, congratulations! Your colours look lovely! In the past in order to get a chalky looking finish on furniture or anything, I have used drywall sealer , which I had tinted with colour. It worked fairly well, but I would like to give yours a try sometime soon. Would you recommend white or cream that I could antique and distress? I am planning on also painting old tin buckets with it . Thank you, N.xo

    1. Hi Nella... and thank you.
      You are so clever to find a way to get that chalky look!!
      In our lime-colors we do have a white color called "Ivory" , and it is a bit creamy, but then we also have one called "Palladio" and that one is more light beige color. But then of corse if you have both of them you can easily mix them together a get different shades of cream/beige ;)
      Thank you for stopping by, I'm also following you and I'm excited to se how your home is going to look when all is done... it looks good already!

  4. So excited! Does this mean you'll be able to ship to the States?

    1. Hi Brandon....
      Yes!!! ....now we can easily transport our lime-colors to the States :)
      hope to hear from you,

  5. Fallegir nýju litirnir, hlakka til að kíkja á þá hjá þér :)

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