Sunday, May 22, 2011

if I had a wish...

It's been snowing here the past few days, so
I decided now was the time to take a trip!
Well of course now there are no airplanes flying
because of all the ash in the air,
(we have volcanic eruption in Iceland, again!)
But if I was going to take a trip this would be
a great place to visit.

Welcome to The Oyster Box hotel in south africa.

this is so romantic...

and beautiful...

Yes please, I love desserts... who doesn't?

the presidential suit is perfect, thank you...

so I'm just saying, if I had a wish
taking a trip to this beautiful place,
(of course with my darling hubbie),
would be fine with me ;)



  1. I take with o)) - hard for you with your snow. Hopefully it will not be as bad as previously.

  2. geturðu ekki bara hoppað um borð í skip? ;-)

  3. :D Flott hótel það er engin spurning ;-)