Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pink & appropriate...

I think it is only appropriate for me to start
the new year with a little blog about a
DIY/pink project.

This time it´s the bedroom...
I felt the room needed to be more
feminine!! what did I do?
I just added a little pink color to the room and
v o i l a !!!


I had bought this statue of Jesus some months ago,
It needed some work, and Jesus got a pink dress!

plus I made him this wooden pedestal
to stand on.

I painted this old console table white, and put up a mirror that I
had made long time ago and bought this nice pink glass
for candles.

Then my mother gave me these old jewelries, they
belonged to my beloved grandmother, I made
this tiny pink pillow for them to sit on.
I will guard them well.

Made new pillows for the bed, some pink ones,
(but still have two big ones to make ;)

This hanger I made, from old wood, simply got
painted white and then sanded to give
it that old, used look.

I think displaying jewelry's and pink summer dresses
is good for me, specially when it's so
dark and snowing outside!

And this old chair got some
white paint & pink cover!

Here you can see what Jesus looked like
when i got it from a flee marked
(I still have Marie to do).

It's made from porcelain, so I painted it with
several layers of gesso (old recipe), and then
it was sanded down again, just to make it
look more like clay or stone, and finally
I painted and sealed it.

p.s. must tell you that my husband did approve
on these pink changes in our bedroom,
and YES, it's definitely better ;)

Happy new year to you all and,


  1. Svona líka ljómandi yndislegt hjá þér eins og alltaf! Til hamingju með þessar flottu breytingar :)

  2. Oh la la,I loooove the new feminine touch,so fresh and Divaliscious.....Wonderful transformator.Love the crested hanging there ,and the!Looove your new bedroom

  3. I like the soft pink in your bedroom!
    The chair I like the most!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. What pretty pictures and changes in your room. I love the sweet pillow you have your heirloom jewelry on!

  5. Happy New Year to you Auður. I hope you continue your good ideas to your wonderful blog.
    Greetings Lise

  6. Mikið kemur þetta allt fallega út hjá þér Auður eins og alltaf. Ég er með einn gamlann stól sem ég er búin að vera að hugsa um að setja bleikt áklæði á en hef ekki alveg lagt í það en eftir að hafa sé þetta koma svona fallega út hjá þér ætla ég bara að demba mér út í breytingarna.
    kveðja Adda

  7. Kristín, Tove, Nicole, Mary, Nordisk gammelt og Adda...
    takk fyrir...
    thank you all for your lovely comments...

    (Adda mikið hlakka ég til að sjá bleika stólinn þinn ;)