Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Having my workshop in the same house as we live in
has turned out to be a really great thing.
Instead of having to drive to another place,
when ever I get the urge to create,
I just have to go downstairs!

I can do my decoupage..

or decorations..

or make things ready to be decorated..

I can hold courses, and btw. I had so
much fun with these girls last weekend.. ;)

but what ever I do in my workshop..

he is always there,
sleeping or sitting in the window,
watching people go by..

I like living&working in my house....


  1. Hi Auður!
    Have just found your site!!
    What a beautiful and inspiring blog you have, but above all, what a good artist you are. I'm really impressed by what you paint and very grateful that you share your works.

    You have, in other words, a new follower to your blog!!

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  2. Well you are blessed in many ways....as Maria says first of all with a wonderful talent,-those decoupages got me curoius!!!! But blesssed for being able to work from home,how "easy and practical" that must be!!!
    And I am sure that little black guy there is a blessing too:))))

  3. Hej Auður
    As usual Lovely inspiration ;o)
    How did you make your template for your wall-decoration?
    Do you find inspiration in books?

  4. Thank you Maria, Tove and Lise for kind words
    and for stopping by, I'm also visiting
    your lovely blogs ;-)

    Lisa I do find a lot of inspirations in various books, and I can
    send you, if you like, an email about some of them,
    which I simply buy on amazon ;O

    Hope you all have good days...


  5. Hej Auður
    Yes thank you, if you vill send me some titels for inspirationbooks.
    I have made som boxes inspired by you. I show them on my blog ;o)

  6. You are sweet and kind Lise, and you are one very talented woman!
    these boxes you have made are very beautiful.
    thank you for sharing your experience using my lime-paint ;0
    Hope you have a great weekend
    audur skula...
    p.s. will send you some info about these books I have ;)

  7. You are so lucky to be able to combine your work and home together...This is something money can't buy.
    Your art is very clean , feminine and elegant..
    I've added you on my 'blogs I read' column!

    Maison Marrakech

  8. Thank you Reina, yes, I do feel lucky ;)
    I like your blog too.. and thank you adding me on
    your blog list.