Wednesday, June 8, 2011

flowers & jewelry...

Two of my favorites to make are
silk flowers & jewelry made
​​from freshwater pearls.
I do have a lot of them, I know,
but they are so much fun to make.. ;)
I use these in my hair all the time
but they are also great to decorate
shoes & dresses...

and they are in fact quite easy to make!

I do make all kinds of bracelets...

and earrings... ;)
I love these odd shapes
and soft colors...

blue, pink, white...

I simply love them all...


  1. Meiri snillingurinn sem þú ert í höndunum, svo bleikt og rómantískt ;-)

  2. So nice - I like the color of your flowers & jewelry. I love them to...

  3. Hei!
    Lovely, i agree the colors are wonderful.
    Ido a lot of roses as well. I simply cant stop.Each one turns out so different from all. Like they are in charge of how they are gonna look not me.
    I have a huge give away with roses as pizes,( mine are not like yours) perhaps you like to join?