Wednesday, July 20, 2011

before & after...

I finally finished decorating this old chair I
bought a few months ago!

This is basically what I did :
primed the frame using acrylic-primer,
put gold-leaf on the hole frame and then used
antiquing technique to make the gold look old,
then I varnished it using water-based-varnish.
I put a new cotton fabric over the old green velvet,
using staple gun, and finally I glued some
rose ribbon on the edges.

the old and tired chair...

I'm quite happy with the chair now, so I will
definitely use it in my home.
Looking forward to tackle more projects which
I have already bought! ;-)

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Veldig fin Audur!...og lykke til med muffins utsalget i Listigardinum :)

    Hils rundt deg!

    KLEM fra Hanna

  2. Wow such a nice chair! I have a simillary which I would like to giva a face lift but Im pretty scared to mess it up, cuz Im not as good as you!