Sunday, November 27, 2011

going for red...

I usually decorate my house with
white things for christmas,
(and maybe a little bit of soft pink ;),
but for this christmas,
I'm going for red!!!
So now I'm getting inspired by these
lovely pictures.

thank you for visiting my blog...

( ops!! I forgot to take notice of where I found
these lovely pictures, so sorry ! )


  1. I've never thought of that green gate fabric as a christmas fabric, but combined with that red tea candle holder--- it looks wintery. Thanks for beautiful inspiration!

  2. I like the pictures very much! I myself also decorate with white and a little red!
    Have a nice evening!
    Nicole from rêve en blanc

  3. I can see the Christmas spirit on those presentations.
    krk realty

  4. En yndislegt og skemmtilegt blogg sem þú ert með! Á klárlega eftir að fylgjast betur með því.
    ..elska jólin. Styð þig í ,,going for red" ;)