Tuesday, November 13, 2012

new stuff called STUC...

I have been trying out this new product we are starting to sell along with our lime-paint, (www.kalklitir.com). It is a special mix called STUC, (lime, cement etc.) and we use the same dry pigments to add color to it as we do to our lime-paint, here on this table top,  I used my favorite  color,  san saccaria ;)  The process to mix it is similar to the use of our lime paint, i.e. you only mix water to the STUC.  First you have to give the area one coat of a special primer, (we sell that too ;)  which dries in approx. one hour, and then you need 2-3 thin layers of STUC. Then when the STUC is dry, (already the next day), you can give it one 
(or two) layers of wax-oile (we sell that one too ;) to protect it and keep it nice and smooth.

  You can use the Stuc on all kinds of things, stone floor, old tiles, walls, glass, wood etc.  as long as the surface is "dead"  (i.e. not mowing or expanding ;)  I have already tried it on our old  porcelain sink in the bathroom, (will do a post on that late) among other things, and I have to say,
 I'm absolutely thrilled about this new stuff called STUC!! 

yes, I also put some STUC on the base of this wooden lamp ;)

If you are interested in trying out this new
product you can contact us via :  audur@glera.is

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