Wednesday, December 12, 2012

silk ribbon embroidery...

From the moment I saw the first silk ribbon embroidery items I was hooked.
I wanted to learn how to do it, how to make all kinds of roses, I love roses. 
 After reading about it, looking at tons of pictures, trying out different 
techniques for coloring the ribbons, believing I could do it, 
 even though I have never been a big fan of embroidery, 
my first silk ribbon embroidery items are ready!!  

my silk ribbon embroidery turned into these (beautiful) pillows
by a very talented professional seamstress..

silk ribbon roses & linen..

soon to be someone's heart...? 

(I hope to be able to sell these items in my web-shop, opening soon!?)

thank you for stopping by...


  1. Wooo, you are really amazingly creative! Love your decoupage plates and the bowls you have shown, very artistic, and your items painted with the stuc is so nice (love the table)! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Maria-Isabel...
      I also like your vintage style a lot.

  2. Ohhhhh Audur, I came back to visit and look what I found....gorgeous! Yes, I feel the same about ribbon embroidery, it is lovely and I have played around with it too! I have made ribbon roses to embellish hats and also used them to make pins as many possibilities! Your work is beautiful, and I especially love it against velvet! Now that winter is upon us here in Canada and we are snowed in today, I will be pulling out my arm chair work to pass the time till I move back into my home! Thank you for your visit and kind comments, N.xo

    1. Hi Nella.... and thank you,
      yes it's so nice to be able to sit in a warm place and make flowers all day, especially when it's cold and snowing outside.
      Hope you will share your work on your blog one day?!
      Thank you for kind comments Nella.