Saturday, August 13, 2011

boxing things up...

I made ​​this box for the things we use in the kitchen,
things like olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper etc.

This is what I did :

I bought some mdf...

and (simply) made a 36x43cm. box out of it...

in fact I made two boxes, so I still have one to go!
(I'm thinking pink box for perfume, jewelry etc.?)

I painted the box gray... ( my favorite color ;)

and I also bought these handles, which I painted
and decorated, using silver-leafs.

( my old pepper grinder got
the same makeover... )

(much nicer, don't you think?)


Now I have all these things, that "fit together",
in one place.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Kjempefin Audur!
    STOR KLEM til dere begge fra oss her!

  2. Þú ert algjör snillingur Auður og það er allt svo dásamlega fallegt sem þú gerir að ég fæ bara gæsahúð
    kveðja Adda