Saturday, August 20, 2011

pretty, prettier...?

I bought this white, plain (and pretty)
flower pot from Ikea store earlier
this ear, but I didn't use it!
Instead I found myself wanting to
make it "somehow prettier" ?!
So this is what I came up with... ;)

"Bladet" flower pot from Ikea

I had an old porcelain rose but it did
not have any leafs, so I made two leafs
using clay, and once dried, I glued it onto
the pot. I also glued around the top,
a plastic neckless!!

Then it was time for two
layers of good acrylic primer

and (only) one layer of
kalklitir/limecolors, using my
favorite gray (san saccaria)

The rose got some very soft pink color,
while the leafs got a little darker gray

Then some sanding was needed to
give it a smooth and "used" look

so much prettier..? ;D

kalklitir/limecolors from

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Indeed - what a lovely pot - I love the nice rose and the pearly edge ;o)
    Hope you will have a nice sunday ;o)

  2. very nice :)what a diffrence, my like:)
    regards from Sif in Stockholm