Saturday, July 24, 2010

handpainted textile...

I've been making these handpainted textiles for some years.
I try to make nice things too use out of them.
Sometimes It can be a pillow, or loose cover for a furniture.
On some textiles I only do stripes, I love stripes,
they are easy and fun to do, but on others I paint
more complex decorations.
I also like how well they go together.

Here are some things I have made out of my
handpainted textiles, that I have in my home.

Decorated pillow on our bed.

Few pillows on our living room sofa.

Loose cover.
I really like those loose covers, they are so easy to have,
and when washed, they look all new again.

I plan to make a lot more of handpainted textiles...


  1. These painted textiles are amazingly beautiful and your blog is very inspiering. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Eg flyt heim i namskeid....:)

  3. Lovely pillows:) Will these be for sale?
    Also wonder: I have a cotton headboard that I don't like. I was thinking that it could be painted instead of changing the fabric. Have you done this before and do you know what paint I should be using? Gesso first maybe? Thanks. Love you blog.

  4. þetta er svo fallegt hjá þér Auður, getur maður farið á námskeið og lært að mála á léreft? ...