Friday, July 30, 2010


This weekend we are having our annual town festival.
There will be a lot of entertainment such as singing, dancing,
amusement parks, and so much more...

There is this one thing that I'm looking most forward to participate in,
and that is our first big cupcake party. It will be held in our
beautiful botanical garden. I just hope that the sun will show up!
So I'm going to be baking a lot of cupcakes today,
and I'm sure I will enjoy decorating them,
I find that to be the fun part!

Aren't these beautful?

I bought a lot of nice cupcake forms to bake in.

I think It's necessary to have a good recipe
when baking. I have this beautiful book from
Primerose Bakery, where you can find some good
recipies and also learn how to decorate your cupcakes.

I've been making pom poms to use as decorations.

We will hang them up in the trees.

yes I will....

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