Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've been making decoupage for a long time.
It's one of my passions.
If you love cutting, gluing,
lacquering ( a lot!) and decorating,
maybe you should try it?
I know I love it!
I think about my pieces as objects d'art.

Images to use can be found just about anywhere
and there are books that can teach you to master this craft.

Deqoupaged glass bowls, using photo copies,
paint and gold-leaf.
I have decorated so many boxes.
Flower potts are beautiful to decorate
I love finding old ones for the job.

Decorating large objects is a lot of fun.

Almost 16 years ago I read an article in a magazine,
about a woman from Brittain making decoupage.
I got so inspired, I knew instantly that I wanted to learn it.
It has brought me to the world of decorating and
I'm so grateful for it.


  1. Sooo beautiful!!! Love your work!


  2. Beautiful everything, you are sooo... talented!

  3. Beautiful. Cute blog, I am happy to follow it.