Wednesday, August 4, 2010

muted grey...

Grey is my favorite color.
I specially love all kinds of muted grey colors.
I like mixing them together, and they go so
nicely with old weathered wood.
I have so many different shades of grey colors
in my lime paint production and I use them a lot,
I also like how they can give new items old look.
You can use them on walls or on furniture and decorative items.

Here are some pictures of muted grey colors
being used in a beautiful way.

Linen has this muted color appearance.

Beautiful old mercury glass goes well
with a gray color palette.

Old weathered wood is so beautiful.
There are ways to achieve this look for new wood,
using lye, white oil and liming wax.

I can't imagine not using grey colors for
my interior and decoration, I just love them to much.

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