Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I like using mirrors as decorations in my home.
A mirror can really change a room, whether it is big or small,
old or new. Some mirrors I have, I've made myself, but some I buy.
I love when the glass is old and damaged and you can't see your
image in it anymore, but they are so hard to find.
I've tried different paint techniques to achieve this
old and used look!

This is a mirror I made several years ago.
I decorated the frame using silver leaf and then
I made the glass look old and damaged.

Here is another I made last year using old
paint techniques and ornaments to decorate it.

This one I love, I bought it from an antique dealer
in Belgium 10 years ago. The frame is more then 100 years
old, and it used to hang in an hotel in paris.
Love these bird cases with mirrors inside
and painted birds they are just so beautiful.

A beautiful blue one.

A mix of old mirror and mercury glass.

A grand mirror in dark color goes well
with this white daybed.

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