Friday, August 27, 2010

a big table...

My son Viktor, (23) is moving together with his girlfriend to
an apartment in the center of our town. The apartment has three
floors and very high ceiling, it's so cool for young people to live
in houses like this. He asked me if I could help him make
them a dining table, and we decided to make a big table,
a bench to sit on, a mirror and a console table!!!

Here you can see some of the things we are enjoying making together...

The 3m long table is made from pine wood.

Viktor working hard...

Me adding some of my touches to it ;)

Working on the mirror frame.

It's also quiet big.

I started by treating the the table top with lye.
It's a solution that will take the yellow tone
in the pine wood away. Then I colored it in
two layers, first I used dark grey oil, and then
I gave it one layer of white oil.

As a final touch one layer of white wax, and
then some heavy "buffing" which my dear
husband is so happy to do for me.
And the table is ready for use.

To paint the mirror frame, we used grey color called
"san saccaria"
It's from our lime paint production.

The table frame is also painted with the same color.

Now we only have to move the table to the apartment!!
I do hope they will like it, and most importantly use it a lot... ;)


  1. WOW... !!
    Both the table and the mirror are beautiful !!!
    I love it !!!


  2. Beauutiful - you are so clever!:-)
    Hugs, Hege.

  3. Thank you both Kari and Hege.... ;D
    ;D audur..

  4. What a wonderful project to be working on together, very impressive so far, Enoy x