Tuesday, February 8, 2011

beautiful blue...

Even though my all time favorite color is grey,
my love for blue is growing.
But I don't mean all blue colors,
just those that look
like these..

gustavian style blue..

beautiful blue daybed..

empire mirror, gold goes well with blue..

blue stripes are great..

and they go so well with grey..

beautiful blue earrings, would love to wear them..

think this is a very beautiful blue color..

I do love blue..

have a nice day,

sources: umla, trouvais, tinywhitedeasies, littlebluedeer, some are from google and some unknown.


  1. There is a God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    I am so glad i found your blog,I´ve been drewling over images from your on in different medias,and just visited kalklitir actually (the web.site that is) -I Love your style and taste,and I am your new follower and a true fan also:))))
    This totally made my day:))))

  2. Thank you both lovely ladies... ;)
    hope you have a nice day.

  3. þessi litur er dásemdin ein, svona var einmitt potturinn sem ég fékk mér undir bleiku blómin sem ég keypti í dag ;-)

  4. Hæ, já fyndið, brosti einmitt yfir því þegar ég las statusinn þinn á fb...
    erum greinilega á sömu bylgjulengdinni í dag,
    og staðsetning skiptir greinilega engu ... ;-)
    bestu kveðjur til þín í Antwerpen

  5. auskula,
    What a beautiful comment you left me over at my place :)
    Excited that you visited me from Iceland.

    It is wonderful to visit with artist that see the beauty in a paint brush as you do.

    Thank you fellow artist, visit soon
    California USA