Monday, February 21, 2011

What's going on ?

These photos where taken by my son Viktor when
he came to my workshop one evening. I love
it when my kids come for a talk, it´s so
nice to know what´s going on.
Thank you for stopping by Viktor...

Hope you have a nice time...


  1. Hello Auður
    Seemed really good on your blog that I've decided to give you a Liebst Award: o)
    Click on to my blog www.nordiskgammelt, com to see my motivation.

    Greetings Lisa

    I translate here:
    When decorating, Auður Skúla has a lovely inspiring blog that has given me many good moments. Auður have a passion for painting furniture and decorating the walls, just as I like. That's what's great about being a blogger, we find "friends" from other places in the world - with similar interests.

  2. þetta lítur út fyrir að vera algjört dásemdar vinnupláss hjá ykkur

  3. hope you have a nice weekend, Kathrine....

    Dear Lisa, ( Nordisk gammelt )
    Thank you so much for this Liebst Award ;-)
    Greetings to you too.

    sæl Lísa, jú hér er gott að vinna ;-)

    thank you all