Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sisters agency...

Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer from sisters agency took
these photos of my home & workshop last year.
I like Birgitta a lot, she is so sweet and kind
and talented. I find the photos to be more
beautiful than my house, (Birgittas magic eye;)
If you like, you can go to their web site and
look at the beautiful work they are doing.

(This is the dutch magazine that published this article).

Thank you Birgitta and Julie!


  1. Can´t believe the pictures are lying that much *lol*
    - this is an amazing article I would read over and over again if I had the magazine.I actually have a friend in Holland who sends it to mee,-and I send her a norwegian magazine to trade.But I don´t have this issue.However,I´ve seen your home in other magazines,was it Vakre Hjem here in Norway??? Know I´ve seen it,and also on blogs.I am repeating myself,but I just loooove your home,and your skills as well ,you do magic with things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very talented!!!!!!!!:))))

  2. thank you Tove, you are sweet....
    Btw, what a great idea to have a friend in another country to trade
    magazines with!!!
    have a good weekend