Friday, February 18, 2011

"do it yourself" women...

Being a decorative painter and a true believer of "do it yourself"
lifestyle I know how good it feels being able to create
things I wish to have in my own little world.
Things like headboards, mirrors, console tables, floor tiling,
jewelry etc... are all things I like to do or make.
When hand painting I can use my techniques as a trained decorative painter,
but I have no formal training in many other things I like to do,
so the only way for me to learn them has been "by doing" them,
and may I add, with a long list of mistakes!
Now I have started auskula-decorating school, where I teach other
DIY women some tricks and techniques I have learned through
the years. Here are some pictures of the first group that came to
spend a weekend in my workshop.
What a FUN weekend!!!
(Thank you Ágústa, Ásta, Dísa, Kristín and Hera.)

they learned different techniques using silver leaf...

all beautifully lime painted and
with a touch of shabby chic...
these techniques can be used in many
other (bigger) projects!

having fun...

enjoying doing but also watching...

they where all so quick to learn...

the hairdryer was use full ;)

to busy to even look up!

they also made a gold-leafed flower pot with
"antique" look and a handmade pink rose...

and a picture frame (with Marie Antoinette) that they
painted and then they used two types of wax to make it look old...

of corse there was a lot of talk and laughter
in the coffee breaks...

These DIY women are now teaching different techniques
in my decorating school, using material we provide, and I'm
planing to train many more in coming weeks.

Great weekend to all
DIY women!!!



  1. How lovely:) I wish I could have joined you. Have a nice weekend:)

  2. Mikið væri ég til í smá kennslustund hjá þér!Flott aðstaða hjá þér og flottar konur:) til hamingju með verkstæðið þitt og gangi þér vel:)

  3. I wish to be there!!!!
    Rerember to tell us about the coming weeks.
    Hilsen Lise

  4. Thank you girls,
    wow, wouldn't that be great if you could join me for a weekend
    of paint-techniques!!!

    wish you well...

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I love the art pieces you make. It's very beautiful.I would definately put you on my 'favorite blogs'!
    Hope to talk to you soon!

    Maison Marrakech